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Is your home a healthy home?

If your house is the typical home, you probably use dozens of cleaning and personal care products purchased at the local grocery store, which contain chemical ingredients that could be harmful to your health and the health of your family. 

  • Since World War II there has been a dramatic rise in the number of
    Man-made chemicals we use in our homes.

The typical home now contains over sixty-three hazardous products that together contain hundreds of different chemicals. (World Resources Institute-1994)

Has there been a rise in the incidence of disease?

  1. A century ago the cancer incidence rate was about one in fifty. Today, one in three Americans will suffer with cancer. Soon it is expected to reach one in two. Cancer is the number two killer of adults and the leading cause of death from disease in children. (Environmental Hazards to Children Public Affairs Pamphlets. 1981)

  2. The incidence of central nervous system disorders like Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis increases annually.

  3. Over 150,000 babies are born with defects each year for reasons unknown. 500,000 babies are miscarried early in pregnancy each year with an additional 24,000 miscarried late in pregnancy or stillborn. (Raising Children Toxic Free)

  4. Infertility is increasing and widespread with over 2 million couples that want children but are unable to conceive. (Is This Your Child’s World? Doris Rapp)

  5. The Asthma rate has tripled in the last twenty years with nearly 20 to 30 million Americans currently afflicted. (Indoor Air Quality-Consumer Federation of America 1997)

  6. Attention Deficit Disorder in adults and children is rising. In 1993, 2 million children took the drug Ritalin so they could sit still long enough to learn. In 1995, that figure doubled to approximately 4 million, and in the year 2000 it exceeded 8 million. (Is This Your Child’s World? Doris Rapp)

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